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Little did I know it was going to be a life changing experience!!!

My Water Experience

In 1986 I stopped by to visit Mom and Dad. Little did I know it was going to be a life changing experience!!!

They were so excited, they just had a home water treatment system installed. Mom went and got a wash cloth. “Craig look, just look at this. Remember how I could never get all the make-up out of my wash cloth? Look how clean this is!” Mom said “Remember how we used to make you kids squeegee and wipe down the shower walls and doors?” Oh boy! did I remember, every time!!!! “We don’t have to do that anymore!!”

Since I was a little boy Dad always kept a barrel of rain water on the side of the house to wash his car with. Now he had rainwater  coming right out of the spicket. They went on and on telling me about the clean dishes etc etc and even had me taste water. There was a big difference. Mom and Dad told me they had always wanted a water filter system.

So that’s how I was introduced to high quality water. Needless to say I was very impressed! Twenty-six years later , owner of the company and thousands of completely satisfied  happy customers later. IMPRESSED!!!!

My motto “get a filter or be a filter”

Craig Istas President

For a personal needs analysis call 913-764-4224


Thanks so much for taking care of our water concerns. Having the evaluation of the current status of our water condition was quite enlightening and very straight forward. We love the way our coffee taste now with the reverse osmosis water!

Thanks Rick and Terri

I want to tell you how great my new system is. My dishes are cleaner. They look better than they have since they were new.  I washed clean towels in my HE washer with no soap after the first day the system was set up. The water was black and if I did not know that they were clean, I would have thought that they were covered in dirt before washing them! They were fluffy after drying them without any fabric softener.

Anita R.

We could not believe how much stuff was in our tap water before and what we were exposing our son to everyday. Our clothes are cleaner and softer and there is virtually no lint to remove from the dryer. We thought that we had dandruff and have tried every shampoo out there with no results. After two showers with our clean water the flakes were gone. We think it must have been the residue left behind by everything in the old water.

Gina & Jerry B.

We have noticed that our hair is a lot softer after washing it. We have a large dog and are very pleased to see she does not itch, her skin after a bath like she used to. Thank you very much.

Katie & Mike L.

The first thing I would like to mention is how dreadful it was to discover the things that I was putting in my daughter’s formula. I can’t believe the things that are in tap water. These things were not only drank, but cooked in food and seeped in our pores every shower. I most definitely feel and taste the difference in this water. Being that I am in the military, it is hard to come home and clean every inch of my house. I used to spend hours trying to wipe my mirrors and glasses clean to the sparkling perfection it once had when it was new. Now I don’t have to rinse and dry, I just clean it with nothing extra to do. We highly recommend this water system for ALL families.

The Newmans

I will admit that I was very skeptical about the possibility of having purified water running from my faucet. I actually thought my refrigerator was doing an adequate job of keeping my water drinkable. I can also admit when I’m wrong. When we have guests, they have the same reaction, “this is great water, there isn’t a hint of anything.”  My son has very sensitive skin and his skin hasn’t looked or smelled this good in years! My family is a military family and it is comforting to know that this water treatment system can move with us where ever we go. My family will have purified water for life!!! I encourage any family trying to decide on these services…GET IT!!!!!! It truly works wonders.  August 2009. June 2011- Thanks for all your help in regards to moving our system to North Carolina. We look forward to coming back to our house in Leavenworth to retire in a couple of years.

Selina B.

We absolutely love our water filtration system. Our dogs are very, very happy with the product as well. They drink more than ever and actually seem to enjoy the water. We love the effect when we shower, as we use much less soap and a moisturizer is no longer necessary after. Another benefit is that our glasses are slowly returning to being clear. The service and installation process was seamless and extremely professional.

So, in conclusion, a BIG THANK YOU!!

The Waldner Family

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